International Society of Pharmacometrics

The mission of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) is the promotion and advancement of the discipline of pharmacometrics, through Integration, Innovation, and Impact: quantitative integration of multisource data and knowledge of clinical, biomedical, biological, engineering, statistical, and mathematical concepts, resulting in continuous methodological and technological innovation enhancing scientific understanding and knowledge, which in turn has an impact on discovery, research, development, approval, and utilization of new therapies.

Pharmacometrics Network Benelux

As part of our Internationalization initiative, ISoP is proud to announce our support for Pharmacometrics Network Benelux (PNB), starting with the 13th PNB meeting planned to be held in the third quarter of 2018. Under this arrangement, ISoP will lend organizational and logistic support to the PNB Steering Committee and meeting organizers. More details here!

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