To promote the application of pharmacometrics to direct patient care, the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISOP) and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology are dedicated to fostering an international Special Interest Group of scientists and clinicians who span a wide scope of therapeutic specialties. This group will positively impact the lives of patients worldwide.


1. Create and maintain a forum for communication and collaboration between pharmacometricians with clinical interest and clinicians with an interest in pharmacometrics
2. To advance the field of personalized medicine through expanded use of pharmacometrics in clinical practice.

Leadership Team:

Elizabeth Lakota, Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics
Marc Scheetz, Midwestern University
Vice Chair:
Nikolas Onufrak, Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics
Scientific Secretary:
Amelia Deitchman, University of Florida

Steering Committee:

Michael Neely, University of Southern California
David Andes, University of Wisconsin
Anders Asberg, University of Oslo
William Hope, University of Liverpool
Diane Mould, Projections Research
Kyungsoo Park, Yonsei University
Charles Peloquin, University of Florida
Jean-Baptiste Woillard, University of Limoges
Daniel Wright, University of Otago
ISoP Board of Directors Liaison:
Mirjam Trame, Novartis


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Contact us at: clinical.pmx.sig@go-isop.org

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