Board of Director Candidate Nominations 2018

Nominations are now closed for 2018, and the Nominations Committee is considering the applications. The candidates selected to take part in the election will be announced shortly.

The International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) is seeking the membership’s input to identify qualified candidates willing to serve as members of the ISoP Board of Directors, to fill a position on the Board which is opening up in December 2018.

The ISoP Board is made up of dedicated, motivated ISoP members whose goal is lead the Society in its mission. This is an opportunity for you, as members, to get involved in promoting and enriching the discipline of pharmacometrics worldwide! We invite all those interested to submit nominations (members are welcome to nominate themselves if they so wish).  

The members of the ISoP Board of Directors for 2018 are Peter Bonate, René Bruno (Past President), Brenda Cirincione (Secretary), Steve Duffull, Jonathan French, Jin Jin (President), Siv Jönsson, CJ Musante (Treasurer), Yusuke Tanigawara, Mirjam Trame, and Justin Wilkins (President-Elect). René will complete his Board term at the end of the year, and a new Board member will be elected by the ISoP membership to replace him.

Who is eligible to be a nominee?

Nominees must be members of ISoP in good standing at the time of nomination and should ideally have demonstrated clear ability for leadership either within ISoP (for example, in SIGs, committees, local chapters, ACoP, etc) or in other allied societies or groups (such as PAGE, WCoP, PAGANZ, ISQP, AAPS, ACCP, ASCPT, ASA, and similar).

What are the responsibilities of a Board Member?

Although being a Member of the ISoP Board of Directors is a great deal of fun, and a socially and professionally rewarding experience, it involves a significant commitment of time and effort. The term for a Member of the ISoP Board of Directors is 3 years, and begins at the start of the next calendar year (Jan 1, 2019); candidates must be prepared to serve the entire duration. The board meets 3 to 4 times annually, both face-to-face and by teleconference, and members are expected to make every effort to attend. Face-to-face meeting times and locations typically coincide with ACoP and the PAGE meeting, or otherwise usually take place in a location convenient for travel for as many Board members as possible.

Board Nominees must be willing to execute all the responsibilities associated with being a Director, including the transaction of business required for the fulfillment of ISoP’s mission and objectives, launching and supporting ISoP initiatives, supervising ISoP’s financial affairs, setting membership dues, creating, dissolving and appointing chairs of committees, special interest groups and communities, and in general performing the duties outlined in the bylaws (see below).

What is the selection process?

Per ISoP bylaws, a Nominations Committee, including at least one Board member and other senior members of the society, reviews all applications, and presents two qualified nominees per open slot to the Board of Directors.  The Board will confirm the candidates to be put forward for online election by the membership of the Society. This year there is one open slot, which means two nominees will be selected to run.

The Nomination Committee considers a wide range of factors in its deliberations, seeking to put forward candidates with integrity and a strong sense of ethics, as well as broad representation by region, gender, and experience, to reflect our diverse global membership. Explicitly, the following factors are in play:

  • Will the candidate be able to devote sufficient time, energy and enthusiasm to the role?
  • Is the candidate interested in more than just the honor of being chosen?
  • Will the candidate be able to work effectively with the other Directors?
  • Is the candidate an effective communicator?
  • Is the candidate likely to put the interests of the field and the community ahead of those of their geographic region, business and themselves?
  • Is the candidate’s personal reputation and conduct compatible with occupying a leadership role in our community?

How do I apply, or nominate an individual?

If you are willing to serve, or would like to nominate an individual, please send

  • a recent CV and
  • a one page motivating statement written by the individual outlining why he/she would make a good candidate, including their vision for pharmacometrics as a field and as a community, and their goals if elected

to and by June 22nd, 2018 with “ISoP Board Nomination” in the subject field. Please make sure to highlight relevant leadership experience and contributions to ISoP in your submission.

The bylaws of ISoP, which lay out Director responsibilities and the role of the Nominations Committee in more detail, are available here.


Justin J. Wilkins
Chair, Nominations Committee, ISoP

The 2018 Nominations Committee:
David d’Argenio
Marc Gastonguay
Peter Milligan
Stacey Tannenbaum