QSP Tools Survey

Dear Colleagues,

The International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) Special Interest Group on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is conducting a survey on software tools that are used for modeling and simulation by the drug research and development community. The goal of this survey is to obtain a comprehensive view of how individual scientists and organizations use QSP modeling and QSP software tools in the drug development process. Once the data from the survey are collected and analyzed, the results will be posted on the ISoP QSP SIG website. We anticipate that the results will be valuable for scientists who utilize systems modeling in their research as well as for people and companies developing QSP modeling and simulation software. The survey is anonymous, and personal information will be used solely for the purpose of notifying you of the survey results. You are invited to participate in this survey; please follow the link provided below. Your opinion is valuable!

Thank you.

On behalf of the ISoP QSP SIG working group on software and tools

S. Ermakov, 
C. Thalhauser,
B. Schmidt, 
M. Miladinov

Link to survey